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SAN Breaching Technologies
Tactical & Emergency Breach Technology

Crossfire is Proud to be the Sole Agent for SAN Pty Ltd. in Australia

SAN are both designers and manufactures of cutting edge manual and hydraulic breaching equipment for the tactical and emergency service community. Over the last decade, they have developed and upgraded world-leading electro-hydraulic tactical breaching kits which incorporate innovative technologies with light materials, allowing to be easily carried and operated by one individual and obtain a powerful set of tools that can break into any structure in top speed. Designed by end-users for end-users, contact us to find out how we have your breaching needs covered.

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About SAN Engineering

SAN Engineering is an Israeli private company established in 1995 and like Crossfire focus on supporting the end-user. No bells, no whistles, just 100% reliability and functionality.

SAN focuses on design, production, engineering and projects management. They’re an ISO 9001-2015 company with strengths in the areas of hydraulic, mechanical and power systems (APU), electrical and systems integration.

The company is a well-established supplier in Israel that develops, designs, manufacture, sells and services machinery and technical equipment.

They supply heavy and light equipment to a variety of markets and to leading companies such as the Israeli Electric Corporation, Haifa Refineries, Israeli Railways and Israeli Chemical Cooperation.

SAN sells leading equipment to manufacturers all over the world, such as ALTEC, HI-VAC, TESMEC. All are characterized by high standards of quality and the excellence of their products and equipment.

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