Shipping and Handling

If you live in Australia, a standard Australian Post postage rates will apply. If your order is over $200, we will post it for free.

If you are currently serving overseas and you have an AFPO (Australian Defence Force Post Office) address, shipping is free*

Please contact us for International orders

Mail for defence personnel

Special delivery for defence mail

Our Defence Mail service is a specialised service for sending mail to defence personnel within Australia and overseas.

Any mail addressed to HMA ships (in any location) or an overseas Australian Forces Post Office (AFPO) will attract a concessional rate.

Postage rates for defence mail

All mail up to 2kg to all AFPOs, with the exception of AFPO2 (Malaysia) is delivered for free.

Mail to AFPO2 (Malaysia) and mail over 2kg to all other AFPOs is charged at the domestic rate of postage for the total item weight. This is calculated as the domestic delivery rate from the point of lodgment to Sydney.

Please note: We cannot deliver any item over 2kg to AFPO15.