About Us

CrossFire (AUST) P/L is a family owned firm based in the NSW town of Braidwood. Though we live an hour’s drive from the big city of Canberra our business reaches worldwide. Friends and associates from Vietnam to the USA provide R&D, material supplies and manufacturing capacity to CrossFire specifications.  We can call upon world class expertise to help us field a new project or respond to user feedback to refine current production.

We started in the Mountaineering / XC ski / rafting trade a long time ago.  If the gear failed, the climber or kayaker may well not come home, so we became accustomed to designing to the highest standards.  It became a habit.  Mediocrity is easy to find in today’s over supplied markets, we feel more comfortable spending a few extra dollars to deliver the best in performance and lifetime value.

In 1987-8 the proprietor had the privilege of giving a little support to the Australian Army Alpine Association’s Bicentennial Everest Expedition. On talking gear with the troops on the climbing and support groups, it was a surprise to discover that Military field kit and clothing was vastly inferior to its civilian equivalents.

So we started making military kit and clothing in DPCU, Black, Coyote and now Multicam. We’ve been busy ever since.

How we do it



CrossFire has the enormous privilege to retain Ian Maley as our consultant designer.  His expertise, insight and capabilities are legend.  Due to Ian’s abilities we often bring a project from concept to finished prototype in a matter of weeks.  And still he astonishes us with innovations galore.
See more about Ian at www.wildequipment.com.au



Though we don’t run a big firm, some of our colleagues do.  We can tap into their buying power for textiles, materials and components. We have the ability to order up specific runs of textiles, alloys or special buckles to exactly match the end use.  That’s an invaluable aid to excellence.

Each component of our products is specified by us, and is there for a reason.  Be it comfort, durability, weight reduction, strength, cooling, etc.  We use some unique components and exotic technical textiles.

Our Mission: Provide only the best equipment anywhere. 


Our Values: Treat customers the way we would want to be treated. 


Our Strategy: Simplicity and reliability, Our people drive innovation and technical excellence . 


Our Gear: We specialise in a niche area but we are very good at what we do. 


Our Results: Your order for a competitive price in 2-3 business days. 

Trusted partners

 We’ve auditioned many suppliers in our decades in business.

Those we choose to work with are outstanding for quality, capacity and service.  All are leaders in their respective industries as indeed are we.
You can visit some at:





Social & Environmental

We take our obligations to society and to the planet seriously.  We don’t exploit our workers, everyone is properly paid and has a safe workplace. Most of the profits from CrossFire are spent on re-afforestation, wetland restoration and carbon capture.

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