Old Traditions That Still Hold True Today

By Crossfire November 9, 2018

Old Traditions That Still Hold True Today

Posted in by Crossfire on November 9, 2018.

Gone are the days when backpacking and hiking consisted of strapping on a huge external frame and lumbering through the sticks or up to a mountain in the back blocks with an aching body. Trends in backpacks these days err towards minimalism and thoughtful, ergonomic design with the use of the latest and greatest in materials and space-age polymers/carbon etc.

Wilderness Equipment (WE) approach consists of simplicity, functionality, and reliability. The constant problem with ‘design’ is that there will always be a better way. Since the beginning, WE have worked to improve the durability and function of all of their products whilst also reducing weight. Under demanding use in the outdoor education sector their packs and tents are uncomplicated in their operation, totally reliable during programs and, in the event of a mishap, ‘field repairable’ without the need for special skills or training. The harsh reality is that WE also expect them to significantly out-perform other brands, something you can’t do by being just the same. Today, WE are confident that all popular, current WE products can hold their place in the range, unchanged, for years to come.

Crossfire is a proud partner with WE with both sharing the same demand for excellence and providing non-sense equipment without compromise

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