Legal Stuff

When you’re standing across the counter from us in the store, it’s easy for us to see that you’re happy with what you’ve bought. Or to fix it if you’re not happy. Online it’s a bit harder but we try and make it just as friendly.

Doing business online with Crossfire

We’re used to dealing with sensitive and highly ethical transactions with a range of important government services.  We value our reputation and we’re not going to jeopardise that with even the smallest purchase you might make online.

Delivery times

We keep good stock of our main lines so we can dispatch in a couple of working days. (Our warehouse is in Braidwood and we dispatch from there). The web shop has the facility to say ‘out of stock’ and if you see that, it’s a good idea to send us an email to be sure that’s true.

Returns, Refunds

If you are unhappy with what you’ve ordered online, and it’s in its original condition send it back to us and we’ll refund the payment.

If there is a product defect (it happens, but most of our gear is military tried and tested so it’s been through a lot of product refinement) we’ll replace it. The only thing we’ll quibble about is if there is excessive wear and tear that has lead to the failure. (Even then we’ll probably offer you a discount on a new item. Our stuff is tough.)


We don’t keep your credit card details after you do a manual transaction with us, and online we don’t even know what your credit card details are, as all that happens between you, your credit card provider and the NAB.

You orders stay in your password protected My Account section of the site. You can change your password access to that, and request a ‘resend’ of the password if you forget.


We send an occasional newsletter (it’s meant to be regular and monthly but don’t stress if you don’t get one that often). That’s the only reason we ask for your email address. You can unsubscribe at anytime (the details are in every email) and your address is then permanently deleted.

If you’re making an order, we suggest you give us a phone number so that we can talk about sizes or tell you if there are supply issues. That number will stay linked to your account online until you delete it.

Your email address is NEVER shared (we might ask if you want to receive manufacturer’s special email offers, but we don’t ever pass your email address to a third party).