Adjusting the DG Frame Back length

It is important that the DG Frame is correctly adjusted to fit you, so that you benefit from the many excellent features of the pack.

Adjustment is relatively easy and only has to be done once to get maximum comfort and benefit from your new pack.

Body Armour

When wearing body armour. You can create more space by releasing the back mesh to the desired range.

There are 2 webbing straps attached to buckles up under the top of the frame. Reach up and release the webbing strap to the desired length.

You can download these instructions in a PDF to save for later, print or view offline.


Top adjustment

On the back mesh there are 2 webbing straps attached to the bottom of the mesh. On this webbing are 3 settings for length.  Simply release the tension on the webbing strap then adjust the length to suit you and then tension the strap again.

Adjustment at bottom of frame. There are 3 settings for body length.

Centre Lumbar pad has a flap which rolls over the frame, pull this and the Velcro will release.

Lumbar Pad

Pull the Lumbar pad forward, then pull the end of the hip pad up so the Velcro releases.


Rotate the hip pad until the fitting releases from the keyed slot in the frame.  Install the hip pad at your desired height and rotate again to lock in position.

Repeat for other side.


Remove the hip pad using the method above and undo the 3 LA’s, hip fin will then slide off the waist strap.