Fitting the DG Harness

Every Crossfire pack uses the same shoulder harness. It needs to be adjusted so the harness rides in the correct position front to back. The shoulder harness is designed to drape the shoulders and spread the load across a wide surface area without impinging on the trapezius or brachial plexus.

You can download these instructions in a PDF to save for later, print or view offline.

To set the harness, you need to lengthen or shorten the torso height so that the bottom of the pack settles into the lumbar curve and the rear center of the shoulder harness settles in 1-2″ below the cervical portion of the spine as depicted.

First open up the up the shoulder strap adjustments.  The ruck is basically ready to don at this point but there’s a few things to check and adjust.

Dgf 3

Loosen the top stabilizer straps.  This gives you access to the top of the frame. 

Dgf 13

Turn frame sideways and loosen two mid-shoulder strap buckles.  I have laid top of frame to the left here, and have loosened the right buckle.  Do both sides.

Dgf 5

Adjust the lower shoulder strap settings.  You have three tabs, for three different settings.  This will control your lumbar length, or how far the bottom of the frame will sit on your back.

Dgf 6

Here is the strap adjusted to it’s longest setting (last tab).  A proper load bearing waist belt locks the load into your lumbar area and also settles the load around the top of your pelvis. The ultimate goal is to load your long bones (femur on down) instead of your spine.

Dgf 7

Another shot of longest setting (last tab in chain).  And strap pulled through lower shoulder strap slot in frame.

Dgf 7

Both lower straps set at max length.  Notice how much further mesh panel is from lumbar pads.

Dg 8

Cinch mid-shoulder strap buckles back tight.

Dgf 9

Run both shoulder strap stab straps through all cross straps.  Factory setting is one; adjust to your personnel for max stability.

Dgf 11

Thread stab straps through upper stab strap buckles.

Dgf 12

Clean up straps.  Tuck under last cross strap, roll to desired length, secure with velcro wrap.

Dgf 13 1

Sternum adjusted and wrapped.  On the front of the harness, you do not want to overtighten the bottom straps. The harness is meant to drape in such a way that the pack settles into your lumbar. The point of a sternum strap is to take the pressure off of your brachial plexus. As such, the sternum strap should be level with your brachial plexus which is about 2″ below your collar bones. Tension the sternum strap just enough to take the pressure off.

Dgf 15

You are ready to try on and fit up.  Open up sternum and waist belt.  Try it on.  Adjust waist strap.  Adjust stab straps.  Then adjust sternum strap.  When you have it close, now it’s time to load up pack.  Re-adjust harness.  And get out there.


Download these instructions in a PDF.