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The purpose of this article is to clarify the rules of essay writing for those who may be interested.

The essay is a kind of prose essay with the attributes of abbreviation and freedom of choice of subject matter, as well as the freedom to present material. The French thinker Michel Montaigne was a pioneer in this genre. His famous "experiments" are written in the form of essays.

The purpose of the essay is to convey information and clarify the phenomenon described. The goal is achieved through the direct speech of the author. There is no story or signs in the essay.

The view of king essays , presented in the presentation of the service, is usually innovative and purely personal. In his view, the tradition of the genre can be criticism, journalism, philosophy and influence on fictional topics.


Today's students write compulsory essays in accordance with the Uniform State Qualifications (USQ). Examples include papers in social studies, Russian and foreign language, and literature. The student must:

- indicate in their thoughts (correctly and clearly);

- Demonstrate independent creative thinking.

This article outlines the general rules for writing essays regardless of the subject, as well as the rules for writing an essay on social studies. General guidelines explain how to choose a topic and form the structure of an essay.

Essay Rules

Related requirements


The subject matter is a persuasive appeal to the reader for thought and argument. It is advisable to choose a controversial opinion or problematic issue and turn it into a topic. For example: Who benefits from a riot case, Why I don't want to attend meetings, etc.

Structural Characteristics

Inexpensive having a title page . (Required in a student paper).
Prologue. Meaning and basis of topic wording. The most important question on the topic, which gets its answer in the main part (in the text of the text). Current state of the topic (needs to be substantiated and proved). An explanation of the terminology.
" Body of the text " (main part). Papersmart detailed answer to the main question. It is advisable to use a categorical philosophical pair and describe the relations: cause and effect, formal content, relations between the whole and the parts, etc. Song rule: one moment, one thought.
Last part. Consolidation of results. Review of results. Repeat the basic operators for which it is desirable to choose a quotation.

These are the rules for writing an essay on any topic. We move on to social science.

Social Studies Essay.

Each essay writing rule in this area requires seven knowledge of social science problems:

political science
The writing should be creative. The writer interprets the problem situations presented in the task and expresses his or her opinion on them. One must make serious arguments, deal with social science concepts and terms, and demonstrate theoretical concepts. It is highly desirable to use information based on the student's personal or social experience.

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