Bob Cooper Survival Kit


Developed by Australian outback survival expert Bob Cooper. This compact kit contains the necessary items to help you survive in the wilderness. The kit is based on the ‘BIG 5’ priorities fro survival.  The total weight of this kit is 434 grams. The dimensions of the container are 130 x 95 x 43mm – small enough to fit inside a pants pocket or small pouch.

The kit contains 32 components – the absolute bare essentials for surviving out in the field:

  • Compass, flint and hacksaw blade
  • Cotton pad, whistle, knife and plastic mirror
  • Tweezers, and plastic bags
  • Needle, fishing line, hooks, swivel and sinkers
  • Trace wire, cord and pencil
  • Stock cubes, tea bag, coffee and glucose
  • Puritabs, Condy’s crystals and paracetemol
  • Scalpel, bandaids and alcohol swabs
  • Antiseptic wipes (contains iodine)
  • Pencil and instruction sheet
  • Magnifying lens and multi tool
  • AAA Torch and playing cards