DG3 Pack (55L)
The perfect pack for 3-days out

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We have created a new more compact frameset for the DG3 Patrol Pack. Based on the famous DG16 frame, it is a little shorter and straight-sided. It has the same strength, tuned flex and ventilation. At 55 litres, we think it is the perfect pack for 3 days out.


  • DG3 tuned flex polymer frame;
  • Our world’s best laminated and contoured shoulder harness;
  • CF exclusive bug out buckles, safe and positive QR;
  • Lumbar pad and detachable hip wings;
  • Triple pocket contoured removable ( Grab Bag) top lid to secure bigger loads;
  • Centre zip access for light loads;
  • MOLLE in CF exclusive scallop style is faster to use;
  • Zipper access for radio and antenna;
  • Two removable internal pockets;
  • Side slots for long items;
  • Dual compression straps;
  • Hydration pouch;
  • Helmet carrier.


A Thorough Look at The Crossfire DG3 (55L) 3-Day Patrol Pack

Short Walkthrough Summary

Long Unboxing, Setup and Full Walkthrough of the Ins-and-Outs of the DG3 (55L) Patrol Pack

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Alpha Charlie Concepts shows how the CF Clam Shell Pouches can work with the DG3

Features of the DG3 ‘Wildcat’ (55L) – The Perfect Pack for 3-Days Out

DG3 Colors

Multicam, Coyote, Ranger

Convertible External vs Internal Frame

Convertible, between an external frame (18″), and an internal frame ruck, by using either the internal frame sheet, or the external frame, very similar to the DG-16.


2.2kgs, complete including external frame.

37 reviews for DG3 ‘Wildcat’ (55L) – The Perfect Pack for 3-Days Out

  1. Franco G

    Received my 55ltr pack and what a fantastic piece of kit! 100% the best military rucksack I’ve ever worked with. Respect to everyone involved in its concept and design. 👏👏

  2. bobbyz

    Great product. Load and stress bearing beyond reason.

  3. Jon W

    Just got mine in the mail today … couldn’t be more pleased with it. Tons of room for everything and then some.

  4. Ks Gn

    Awesome bag!!! Love mine👍

  5. Felix Desouzer

    I’m extremely impressed with this pack, better than tactailor, paladin and every other pack I’ve used and abused both on and off ops.

  6. Ray

    I have a DG3 55 litre in olive drab. Best military pack I’ve ever had.

  7. Tom B

    I got one of these recently and it’s a nice bit of kit. Very tough and hard wearing. The external frame allows it to comfortably carry far more weight than others. It’s built to carry serious weight. I see a lot of people want to compare this to the Rush 72 which is more of an oversized daysack with loads of organisation pockets. The DG3 is a different kind of pack. It’s much more versatile.

  8. Manny Peralta

    I use the 3-day DG-3 as a “day pack” for carrying gear for 2 people on short 1-day rucks/hike (my son and I). It’s innovative pelvic/shoulder/lumbar harnessing/padding adjustment system, pockets, internal “lost arrow” attached bags and inside compartment space alone, allows you a variety of options to adjust load to use the DG-3 as a 2-person day pack, especially useful in steep slope rock-scrambling over granite boulders to summit hike or bugout downhill at a safe ruck speed after being caught in severe weather, winds 50+ gusting! 500 Cordura is stain-resistant ; wipe off with damp cloth. Hard-wearing, it’s not easily caught by twigs and branches stomping through bush. My colour pick, MC by choice as I personally thinks its more forgiving, not showing wear and tear as much. DG-1 + DG-3 rucks = great choice for 2 person 1 day hike.

    Manny (ex-RAAF)

  9. Scott Perry

    First time out with Crossfire DG-3, its a 55 liter, 3 day pack. Not a lot of hype or press, so I bought it based on a few videos out there and price. It is great quality, reasonably priced and more importantly, the DG-3 has the best suspension in a bag of this type. I have MR, Arcteryx, TAD, Savotta, Granite Gear, Med. ALICE, Med. MOLLE, etc. for comparison.

  10. Simon Steele

    Sensational build quality and form fit adjustment, easy load / unload design, rock solid 3 day choice.

  11. Grzegorz

    Mine arrived today. Great piece of kit. I took it out to the local woods today just to make sure all adjustments were done correctly and that there is no unwanted friction anywhere. I am so stoked. Thank you very much. I am joining army of happy customers.

  12. warhoggtactical

    I absolutely love mine!! 👊👊

  13. feralanimalcontrol

    Brilliant pack for hunting – especially for carrying out the harvest/ or a cape.

  14. Nic (verified owner)

    This pack is perfect for a few days out field, even up to a week. You can fit almost an entire marching order plus a day pack into this. Then chuck some pouches on and you can fit your rats too. Oh and it’s super comfortable and ergonomic and narrow- sits snug on your back. Couldn’t be happier.

  15. Matt Reid (verified owner)

    I bought this pack a little over a fortnight ago and am absolutely blown away with it. Such a great size and puts the current Australian Army amcu issue medium (72 hr pack) to shame. No load is too big or too small as the pack can be sinched right down for smaller / lighter loads.
    Currently running with the external frame and I could not be happier. Especially with all the accessories that were included.

  16. Dan Cor

    Great packs, far better than issue.

  17. Bill Roberston

    I highly recommend Crossfire products. First heard about them on LF. I have the DG3 and it is outstanding quality. If I was a bit taller, and younger, I would definitely pick up a DG16.

  18. Mark Willetts

    With either the external or internal frame this is an awesome pack. I was surprised at how good the pack feels in either configuration – I expected some compromise when I swapped out the external frame, but there was none.

  19. Mark

    A stunningly good backpack. I’ve also had a DG6 for the past 10 years and it’s still going.

  20. Antoni Jagielka

    After getting the DG3 and loving it I’ve decided I’m getting the full Crossfire DG range

  21. Delta Operator

    Truly Awesome pack!

  22. jasonwatts8596

    Best kit going! I’ve still got my oldschool DG-8 SF too which is going strong ?

  23. pr_hightower

    The BEST rucks ever made! 🔥❤️

  24. RBOne

    Outstanding Patrol Pack. Best Frame on the market and the 55l capacity really fills a gap!

  25. Diz

    This pack is my go-to ruck for use with a belt kit

  26. Werksven

    Bloody good quality and nice design!!!

  27. James Young

    I have a Crossfire DG3 as my main hiking pack. Great bit of kit.

  28. Antoni J

    Excited about my new purchase is an understatement. The DG3 backpack by Crossfire Australia with the ability to remove the external pack frame and various interchangeable/removable internal pockets this thing will see a lot of use.

  29. Mal Howie

    DG3 is great. Options with the Molle could suit any job requirement. Current issued pack is way too big in my opinion.

  30. Wheelsee

    The genius part (IMHO) is the ability to unzip, providing rapid access to contents, even those at the bottom of the pack.

  31. RB_One

    At first this pack seems very complex. But luckily for all our 11B readers, it comes fully assembled as a external frame pack. But I can just encourage you to disassemble the pack to really tailor it to your body.

  32. Johnny Chimpo

    I’ve had my crossfire DG3 for years and it hasn’t missed a beat. I’ve also been a fan of the peacekeeper boots in the past too. Thanks guys!

  33. Jacko

    A very comfortable pack with plenty of space. I put four large platatac pouches on the outside to set it out like an sas mk6 and it worked quite well.

  34. DJ

    Good pack.

  35. Mors Kochanski

    Monster of a pack.

  36. 22F

    I’ve been using my DG-3 for a couple of years now. I find the harness one of the most comfortable I’ve encountered. In short, I am impressed with my DG-3. A very comfortable and flexible design. With the way that the pack sits on my body, there is sufficient clearance to allow for air flow across the back. Fills the niche for shorter range treks, such as general walking trips overnight or no more than a couple of day’s duration. The size of the pack without external pouches fitted is good for leaving on and manoeuvring in relatively tight spaces. I was able to still sit in a normal dining room chair with chest webbing and loaded pack (sans pouches) on.

  37. BW

    This is a militarised and ruggedised internal frame hiking pack for a military client. I’ve found the DG-3 is a surprisingly interesting pack. It is envisaged that the DG-3 will suffice for almost all possible infantry operations in a variety of environments..

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