DG16 Pack (85L)
Long Range Patrol Pack

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The DG16 embodies everything we’ve learnt in over four decades. Materials science, ergonomics, systems integration, all with enduser feedback.

This pack has been engineered from first principles. There is nothing else like it, anywhere. The pack is universally adjustable, so one size. Choose your colour below.

Our Legacy DG16s come complete with a detachable day-pack lid, the same colour and pattern as the pack you choose Black and DCPU all include an ADDITIONAL DAY-PACK PATROL LID, shown below in DPCU (i.e. you get 2 interchangeable lids, both in the colour and pattern of the pack you choose with both legacy packs also having a mid-pack entrenching tool pocket).

Dg16 (27)Dg16 (24)

A Thorough Look at The Crossfire DG16 Pack by Rich Hungerford

Story of the DG16 (85L) Long Range Patrol Pack

This pack will not declare war on your skeleton.

After 40+ years of designing and building outstanding load carriage systems for the ADF.

Crossfire understands what a robust and reliable load carriage systems needs to incorporate to allow the wearer to arrive ready for task.

The DG16 embodies everything we have learnt in four decades. Materials science, ergonomics, systems integration, all with both user and SME feedback.

This pack has been engineered from first principles. The DG16 highlights the Crossfire guiding principle of innovation not replication.

Features of the DG16 (85L) Long Range Patrol Pack

DG16 Polymer Frame

The trick is to source aerospace level resin and invest in vastly expensive high pressure injection moulds. Then use finite element analysis to tune the frame to flex at the same rate as the human back. Too little flex, like metal frames, forces the hips and shoulders to fight with every stride. Fatiguing. Overflexing forces the shoulders to fight angular momentum as the load swings wide with each step. Waste of energy. The DG16 flexes just right, hips and shoulders move freely, stride is longer and less exhausting. Active ventilation keeps things cool, reminding you of ALICE. The window shape snugs over a body armour plate. The harness system can be quickly set at different levels to accommodate different torso lengths.

DG16 Shoulder Harness

The harness arms are laminated from multiple layers of speciality, expensive materials. Plastic plate reinforcements distribute heavy loads, memory foams to customise to the user. Shoulder straps are shaped and tapered to work over CBA and smoothly transfer load away from the brachial plexus nerve group. The whole shoulder harness yoke assembly can be quickly extended up or retracted down with three height settings built into the webbing attachments.

Shoulder Release

It is our belief that any pack which uses a 25mm plastic side release buckle as a load element is not fit for service. Such a culpable object should be recalled and destroyed before it injures the user. Such buckles were never intended for heavy, load-bearing use. They can release or break inadvertently, slewing the fully loaded pack and wrenching the spine. The DG16 shoulder harness uses reliable, strong yet easy-to-release-under-load military-proven buckles.
Because we really do care.

Hip Belt System

Choose the set up according to personal preference and type of rig. There are three plug-in adjustment levels for the padded components so they can be tuned to back length, set high to clear a belt rig, or set low to hip load. Or remove hip fins and use lumbar loading.

DG16 Pack Bag

Military long-range volume, single compartment bag with lower access configurable as double-compartment bag by fastening the built-in divider shelf in the horizontal position.

Multiple access options:

  • top access via resistance-free, easily operated, double-draw-cord throat (use of metal eyelets eliminated)
  • top access via horizontal radio/hydration tube zip above frame side radio access via long vertical zips with interlocking cover flaps – both sides
  • wide bottom access via fold-out zipped gusset
  • Fully open at back hydration bladder pouch and radio attachment IAS panel, fitted with necessary webbing straps

EVA foam sandwich base panel virtually eliminates abrasion wear.

Weight-saving IAS/MOLLE Crossfire 20/30 webbing bands on all available external surfaces.

ET front pouch and lower side pouches (all Hypalon reinforced internally, both faces)

Side IAS on separate panels,

Face full compression strap system – side, bottom and over-throat

Internal lower bag compression strap system

Detachable helmet attachment web net fitted to back panel

All crucial side-release buckles field-replaceable in seconds.

DG16 Colour Choices and Sizes

DPCU, TBas Khaki, Black. One pack bag and frame size, fully torso-length-adjustable harness settings.


4.5kgs, complete including external frame.

31 reviews for DG16 (85L) Long Range Patrol Pack

  1. TriadAgone

    Just bought one. The feature set is amazing especially for the price. Needed something to carry well over armor. Options were the TT rucks, MR, Kifaru, or on the cheap side a FILBE, Molle II, or customized Multicam ALICE. The expensive packs that had the features I wanted were 700-1500$ USD, the cheap packs were OK but missed out on alot of features. The DG16 has all the features I want and need, but is 1/2 the price of comparable options.

  2. Julian Ledwoch

    I purchased my DG16 pack over a year ago and after a lot of use, I feel I can now write an honest review. The DG16 really is the very best pack I’ve owned, by far. I have many different packs, mostly military type packs which are meant for heavy use but all my other packs are now decoration due to how much better the DG16 treats my body.

    The frame is incredible, it works with your spine so you barely notice the weight. The quality makes the price of this pack an absolute bargain. With all the bush and adventures my pack has seen, there are hardly any signs of wear; this thing just works. If you need a pack that you can count on, this is the best there is full stop.

    To the team at Crossfire, thanks for taking the time to develop such a great product that works WITH you, not against you. My back especially thanks you!

  3. Bryan K

    I’ve had a DG6 for 7 years. It is still going strong, but I wanted an upgrade. I just placed an order for a DG16. I can’t wait.

  4. Nazri

    Purchased a DG16 and I’ve been using it for about a month. I do pack walks/runs with 25-30kg in my pack 3-4 days a week and trail hikes.

    Will be hunting with this pack as well and I gotta say this is one solid constructed pack and I absolutely need that reliability especially in the Malaysian jungle where not only the terrain but vegetation pose threats of wear and tear into your gear. The compartments and sturdiness of it as well as the ergonomic design to support your back is amazing.

    Customer service is top-notch and I’ve only got good to say about this company. I’m sticking with this company for any other packs I plan on purchasing. Well-done Crossfire, well done indeed.

  5. Brock Alexander Salter (verified owner)

    First off..

    I’m a 6ft 1″ bloke who has struggled to find a lot of different packs to fit comfortably with a light load. Let alone slogging along with substantial weight thrown in the pack..

    As soon as I put this kit on I felt comfortable, without even tightening up and personalising straps etc.. Then once I got it a bit more fitted to my preference I was very excited…

    I’ve now used this pack a couple of time as a serious hauling system and also as just a day pack. Not even including the “day pack” attachment which I am still looking forward to using!

    I’ve had nothing but a good experience so far with this pack. Its rugged and robust. The quality is that of what you’d expect from an Australian made item. It feels solid yet flexible and steady. I feel as though this pack will last an eternity.

    I’ve even loaded it up with a full quartered Sambar and trekked it out back to the ute through all sorts of crappy bush. Its held up superbly. Not only that, it’s still felt nice and tight around my hips but very free around the shoulders, which is big deal for me. Even with all the weight of a full deer carry out it just works with you, not against you.

    I’m stoked.

    Finally I found a pack worth it!

    Don’t muck around looking for a better deal or something cheaper or second guess some other product..

    This is the best.

    Get one.

  6. Roy Hunt

    I hunt deer and and do a lot of pack walk training to keep fit.

    The DG16 is super comfortable when loaded right up and built like a tank. I am really impressed with how super adjustable the harness and frame is to fit any users body shape and comfort needs.

    It has lots of storage options that are easy to rearrange and the entire outside of the pack is molle so adding extra room or attaching equipment is so easy.

    I cannot fault this pack and I have no doubts that it will outlast me and quite possibly my son. It is seriously an awesome piece of kit.

    Thanks so much Crossfire👍👍👍

    roy hunt

  7. Cat (verified owner)

    Awesome heavy duty field pack with so many features. Worth spending the time to get it set up right.

    Very comfortable doing 20kg+ training walks, clearly the pack can handle plenty more load. Puts a smile on my face every time I get it out.

    Fantastic customer service by Glenn who resolved a hiccup with the order promptly and graciously.
    I can’t recommend Crossfire or this pack enough.

  8. feral_hunter

    Just got my DG16 today guys. It’s unbelievable. So tuff, heaps of storage options and comfy AF 💪💪💪

  9. Troy

    I’m not in the military or anything like that I use my pack for hunting and hiking. But it is awesome I love it. It so comfortable it is hands down the best pack iv ever put on my back. Well done guys for this product. The DG16 has it all.

  10. Bob Akers

    Got my DG16, quite impressed. Looking forward to taking it out. Very comfortable!

  11. Peter

    The DG-16 is without a doubt the most comfortable 85 ltr pack on the market, I have several each rigged for a different purpose.

    I bought my first when they first came on the market and have used them for several years.

    The difference between the DG-16, and the equivalent in Americas well-known premium quality pack brand is marked, in that I am far less tired humping 40 kgs in a DG-16 for ten miles, than in their equivalent.

    The large quantity of PALS webbing makes it easy to add exterior pouches (the Crossfire pouches are very useful) the permanently fixed rain lid is a real innovation, it allows you to demount and use the day pack lid (it makes a fine pillow) while covering the pack top in case of rain if the pack is temporarily cached.

    Both lids have a velvet lined compartment for glasses or field glasses.

    The other lid supplied is useful when using the pack with smaller loads.

    The pack allows you to carry an E Tool either on the pack rear or at the bottom on the side.

  12. Ian Connop (verified owner)

    Gave first workout on 4 day trip into mostly open river country. After some modification of harness and removing hip pads it fitted and snugged in well on the steep sections of bush bashing. Day pack a great invention and proved its worth several times, only observation, and not a criticism in any way as I get the balance it provides,would happily have retained the side pocket sleeping compartment from previous version as simpler and a little more waterproof from the dunkings it got in river crossings. Great production values and solid design, 45 years of bushwalking and using every iteration of Australian Military issue backpack from the Vietnam war era forward tells me that the evolution of gear carrying continues beautifully

  13. Mike Siegfried

    This is THE most comfortable pack I have ever had the pleasure of owning. I have enjoyed suffering under a ruck for close to 10 years now. When possible, we always try to make rucking suck a little less. I have tried and tested out numerous rucks from various companies and I have to admit, Crossfire has created something pretty dang magical here. I love the design of the top being removable and acting as a miniature daypack. The internal pockets are great for organization and don’t add much weight. Beyond just making an awesome pack, Crossfire has had by far the best customer service I have ever encountered. They are extremely professional and take care of their customers. Cheers!

  14. Denton Paterson

    Absolutely stoked with my DG16! Absolutely amazing service and totally impressed with my DG 16. Thank you!

  15. Michael Squires

    Always buy the best from Crossfire. Pay now or cry later.

  16. David Dennett (verified owner)

    A Pack that lives up to and exceeds expectations. Fast service from Crossfire. Thanks Glenn.

  17. Aaron Orr

    Great packs, lost mine in the tsv floods but was awesome for many years

  18. Linus Wilson (verified owner)

    Firstly, thank you Glenn for helping me out with my peacekeeper boot sizes. They are fine boots indeed. The DG16 is a great pack. I really can’t fault it other than the metal/plastic rings clink against the frame towards the bottom of the pack, which any sensible person can easily soundproof. This pack is otherwise perfect. So supportive and adjustable. This is some serious kit, guys. Thank you for the great service. 6/5.

  19. Pavel (verified owner)

    Recently purchased the phenomenal DG16 to replace current issued pack.

    I cannot adequately state how necessary and mandatory this pack is, or should be imho…

    Yes, I’ve added my own pouches- where and how I want them.

    Have boosted from 85lt to approx 110-115lt with pouches.

    Pretty much completely set this pack with a full DP1 checklist- bar a couple of full 3lt water bladders…hitting somewhere round 35-40kg.

    I thought something was wrong.

    I literally couldn’t feel the load, certainly not on my shoulders, and no weird pressure at the hips, or lower back.

    Movement and mobility feels natural, obviously limited by load, but comfortable and functional.

    I’d started to reach overhead to undo a hanging clip, without thinking, and I was still wearing the pack!

    The balance and carriage feels like no other pack I’ve used.

    I am keen for some looooong pack marching and field. How often does anyone say that for a pack???

    If you’re here now? BUY.

    Next on the the list? DG3.


  20. Max

    It’s the f*ckin best patrol pack out there! three interchangeable lids. 85L (feels much more than 85) and a well thought out sleeping bag compartment.

  21. LW

    Just bought one. Thanks so much for your wonderful customer service and look forward to my first dg16.

  22. Michael

    Can’t wait for my pack to arrive, been saving for a little while because they look fantastic!

  23. Vlad

    Wished I had this kit when I was in doing long ops

  24. Paul Mitchell

    Love my Crossfire, and I’m a civvy

  25. James Troop

    I have a DG16. Last June I took it on the overland track for adventurous training. Awesome. I was one of the few with no comfort issues 👍👍

  26. AC

    Finally. A no BS pack that ticks all my boxes. Thanks.

  27. Mark Alexandridis

    I do love how it feels when I put it on. One of the most comfortable packs I’ve put on my back.

  28. Dylan G

    I’m loving the DG16. Fits extremely well. I’ve taken it for a few stomps now and it’s been absolutely great! I’ve been telling everyone who’ll listen about the great customer service too

  29. Aaron Brooks

    After looking at a lot of packs, decided to drop some coin on this. Good reviews from the US and keeping my money in Oz.

  30. 22F

    One of the best general purpose combat packs on the market.

  31. Anthony Pockock

    The great service from Glenn at Crossfire is only eclipsed by the insanely high quality product that I received. I fully expect, after wearing myself out using the DG16 pack, to see my grandchildren still using it in 20 years time. Top notch piece of kit!

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