DG1 'Spitfire' Assault Pack
for short-range high-speed operations

(7 customer reviews)


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017 Australian Owned
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The DG-1 “Spitfire” is light, fast and agile! Just like its ancestor from WW2, it fits a very unique roll of short-range high-speed operations. From its inception, it’s design is simply put–brush strokes of genius on fabric– It comes complete with a  main enclosed compartment which can hang a hydration bladder, with enough room to add a smock or even a second bladder. The second main pouch is buckle opening (with compression straps), this is a massive compartment when opened. It can literally house  a helmet with attached headset, NVG’s with room to spare. The small rear pouch (approximately 3ltr) is a round zip opening and can house essentials for the operation. There are two additional zip admin pouches for keys and electronics, extra batteries along with two smaller side zip pouches to house the extra essentials. This pack can be worn with shoulder straps and waist belt, or stowed and woven onto the a plate carrier or a ruck with its built in PALS webbing.

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Features of the DG1 ‘Spitfire’ Assault Pack – for short-range high-speed ops


  • Abrasion-resistant 500 denier CORDURA®
  • Main pocket (468 cu. in.) with internal mesh hydration pocket accommodates up to 100 oz. Any standard reservoir
  • Two external side pockets (63 cu. in.)
  • Daisy chain running around 50% of bag provides adjustability for securing to multiple points, including Multi-Purpose Chest Rig
  • Three different bite-valve/antenna ports
  • Rhodesian, Plate Carrier, and belt order compatiable
  • Web dominator for routing hydration hose
  • left or right shoulder
  • Four channels allowing for jacket or poncho attachment
  • Fully adjustable/removable shoulder straps and chest strap
  • Can be attached MOLLE direct to plate carrier or CIRAS vest
  • Removable stiffener
  • Total carrier weight 2.45 lbs.
  • Beaver tail compartment allowing the fit of a helmet with nods, clothing, etc.
  • Six point compression straps with quick release buckles
  • Solid Velcro® panel for placement of placard
  • 1” Velcro® name placard
  • Front external utility pocket
  • Front clam shell pocket (37 inł)

7 reviews for DG1 ‘Spitfire’ Assault Pack – for short-range high-speed ops

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  1. Brett Parker

    I just wanted to thank you guys for your awesome packs. I own two Crossfire packs and a pair of peacekeeper boots. Needless to say, I’m a fan. I have the long-range DG8 and also a DG1 sniper in auscam. Both of these packs have been superb out in the field.

    The DG8 I’ve taken on a number of high-country trips with substantial weight. After all the abuse it’s taken, it has not a single thread out of place. Quite frankly, the things a tank. It may be a tad heavier than other brands, but if you don’t like the thought of your pack dropping a shoulder strap with 40+ kgs of payload and having to lug it out of the bush held together with zip ties, then crossfire packs are the packs for you!

    The DG1 sniper is perfect for day trips and even slightly longer trips.

    The wet boggy mud that us Victorians often move through in places like the Otways chews up most gear pretty fast. The moment that mud soaks its way into seams, most gear starts falling apart. The thick scrub is also full of sharp blackberry bushes. But the ruggedness and tank-like build of the crossfire packs just shake it off without a single misplaced seam or jammed up zipper.

    The wet boggy mud that us Victorians often move through in places like the Otways chews up most gear pretty fast. The moment that mud soaks its way into seams, most gear starts falling apart. The thick scrub is also full of sharp blackberry bushes. But the ruggedness and tank like build of the Crossfire packs just shake it off without a single misplaced seam or jammed up zipper.

    The military origins of your DG8 really shine when on extended trips. Externally attaching those tricky things like extra tent poles, tripods, lightweight fold up tables or chairs are a breeze with this pack.

    I believe this pack blows up to something like an 80-90 litre range when fully unfurled. I’ve had this thing overflowing with gear on extended trips, yet you wouldn’t know it by how it carries. With over 40kgs I’ve picked it up by a single shoulder strap day after day. Needless to say I haven’t handled this pack gently and whilst no manufacturer recommends handling your pack this way, the DG8 just keeps on keeping on. I’ve had it covered in mud, soaked in blood and rain, I’ve had it frozen solid after leaving it out in -5c conditions. It still has not a single seam out of place!

    You can buy lighter packs, you can buy cheaper packs, you can buy more fancy packs too. Packs with silent magnetic closures, fleece coverings and all the bells and whistles. But if you want a pack that you can truly rely on when it really counts, you can’t go past a Crossfire.

    So thanks Crossfire team. Love the packs! I’m proud to haul Crossfire gear

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  2. Milamber Endaevor

    use mine as a range bag. Works great

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  3. Ironside

    The DG1 goes everywhere with me. Can’t go past it’s quality and versatility.

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  4. Manny (verified owner)

    I’m ex-ADF/RAAF and I wanted a pack to support my weekend 1-day ruck marches to keep fit in retirement for off/on track rucks in low/high country including rock scrambling in the wet/dry, so I got a DG-1 after I read “short-range, high-speed operations” in the specs. This ruck lives up to that statement.

    Everything about this ruck including the body design, harnessing, beaver tail storage, fastex clips, 500D cordura and even down to the unique “Lost Arrow” attachment system from the early DG-1 Sniper 60 L, 3-day assault pack I still have, are integrated into a versatile load carrying system.

    The DG-1 got rid of my weight balancing issues I had when rock scrambling or rucking on uneven terrain in my early gen. DG-1 Sniper.

    It was worth the effort of two ruck marches to sort out my optimal loadout to match the load carrying capacity of the DG-1 shoulder harness to a comfortable weight; enough to have the DG-1 strapped on me for 4-5 hour straight without any discomfort.

    Highly recommend this Next Gen. DG-1; just match your loadout to match YOUR short-range, high-speed ops.

    This ruck is in a class of its own and I won’t make the mistake of comparing it to my AUSCAM DG-1 Sniper in 1000D Cordura, padding and heavier straps, fastex buckles/clips.

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  5. Raymond Floro

    The DG1 Spitfire is my everyday carry bag. Excellent features. Convenient access. Love the beaver tail compartment and side pouches. Quality product. Top customer service.

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  6. Mark

    My new rapid aerial response pack. Bloody solid and bloody brilliant. This baby is robust and comfortable. Beaver tail takes my helmet and jacket, and all the essentials fit inside the streamlined main sack and main external pocket – and you can add pouches if you really need to.

    MOLLE it onto a MULE and jerrycans, portapumps or chainsaws can be carried with you hands free.

    Team it with a DG3 for extended remote area work and you have a line pack and helipad pack integrated for insert/extract but easily separated on the fire ground.


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  7. SSD

    These are great. Truly awesome.

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