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IceVest HiVis Cooling / Heating / Hydration Safety Vest Class 1 (Type O) by Qore Performance


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This item qualifies for free shipping. Orders over $100 qualify for free shipping to anywhere within Australia.

IceVest HiVis Cooling/Heating/Hydration Safety Vest (Type O) by Qore Performance is a versatile Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) productivity tool that enhances performance and inoculates commercial and recreational users against environmental risks on the job or on the trail. Designed to carry two IcePlates® (front and back) to make it the most powerful cooling/heating/hydration safety vest on the market and the only cooling/heating safety vest with integrated hydration.

IceVest HiVis Cooling/Heating/Hydration Safety Vest (Type O) combines multiple utility functions into a single piece of kit, enabling users to realize their full potential on the job. IceVest HiVis is NOT designed for Military, Law Enforcement, Security or Defensive applications. For MIL/LE applications, use IcePlate EXO®.

The science behind IcePlate® Curve comes from more than two decades of research conducted by Stanford University, the US Army, USASOC, and the CDC on the effects of cooling on metabolic capacity, recovery, and heat injury prevention under PPE/MOPP and in athletics. If you’d like to read the full origin story of Qore Performance® and how the IcePlate® was born.

***Note: The ToolBelt has been permanently discontinued and will not be restocked. We have products in the development pipeline that solve this issue more elegantly that will work across our IcePlate EXO® and IceVest lines. ***

Each Package Includes:

  • Drinkable: 2x Frost IcePlate® Curves with 1x 90º Hose
  • Cooling/Warming Only: 2x Frost IcePlate® Curves (no Hose attachments)
  • 2x Hi-Vis+Reflective Loop Polyester Sleeves
  • 2x Hi-Vis+Reflective Tearaway Shoulder Straps
  • 1x Hi-Vis+Reflective Adjustable Elastic Belt

Care Instructions: machine wash cold with like colours or hose off. Hang dry only.

How to Set Up Your IceVest HiVis Cooling/Heating/Hydration Safety Vest(Class 2) by Qore Performance®

Features of the IceVest HiVis Cooling / Heating / Hydration Safety Vest Class 1 (Type O) by Qore Performance

Cooling + Heating

Fill and freeze IcePlate® Curve for an unparalleled 70 Watts of Cooling Power per plate, keeping your team cool for hours. Fill with hot water and enjoy the conductive heating effect.


Each of the two included IcePlate® Curves holds 50 oz. (1.5 L) of water. Choose between our drinkable IceVest HiVis Safety Vest, which includes hose attachments for the IcePlate® Curves or Cooling/Heating only (Closed IcePlate®).

High Visibility

Features Safety Yellow background and Reflective strips for high visibility.


Integral component of each IceVest HiVis adds additional high visibility background material and reflectivity for safety. The ToolBelt features purpose built pockets for unparalleled productivity.

Easy to Clean

Body-facing black nylon limits IcePlate® condensation in humid climates presenting a clean look and reducing maintenance requirements. Ultralight, durable 4.3 oz. Polyester construction is machine washable.

ToolBelt Details

Available in two sizes: Standard (< 35″ waist) and Extended (> 35″waist)

  • Large Radio Pouch holds up to Motorola XTS or Harris MBITR radios
  • Medium Mag Pouch for auxiliary batteries (such as Anker PowerCore 20000) or SOARescue MED Mag Kits.
  • Small Radio Pouch for iPhone, Galaxy Smartphones or Motorola TalkAbout FRS radios or similar
  • Pen/Stylus/Flashlight pocket

Additional Spec & Details

  • Webbing Ears optimize strap angle while preventing pressure points
  • Bottom Velcro closure for easy replacement of IcePlate® Curve


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