Hydration and Thermoregulation Integrations
by Qore Performance

Technologies that weaponize temperature to increase work capacity and survivability, creating a decisive advantage for anyone working in challenging environments. Integrating seamlessly with CF Packs.

What are people saying about Crossfire Packs..


Crossfire equipment is the best in its class, worldwide. We build for those in our community who inspire us, those men and women with a job to do. We build with the best materials available and most durable construction methods. Our end state anything bearing the CROSSFIRE brand will stand up to anything thrown at it regardless of season, weather or terrain.  Heritage and past glories doesn’t mean a great deal unless you remain adaptive and innovative


Materials suppliers, production engineers and factory staff have been with us for decades. Their level of competence gives us the confidence to offer exceptional build quality and function.


Our plan is to be the best and most respected military pack builder on the market. We have invested much talent and treasure to achieve it.


Confidentiality and IP are fully considered. Materials sourcing and manufacture are conducted with respect for our workers and our environment. Profits are reinvested in afforestation and wetland creation.