The DG-16 Story

This pack will not declare war on your skeleton.

After 35 years building outstanding backpacks for the troops you would think Maley and Marshall deserve a break.
One to go boat building, the other back to forestry. Sadly for them it is not to be.

As long as governments issue poor packs Crossfire ethics oblige us to keep our pack design capability alive. It is not acceptable for soldiers to have to go to war carrying packs with built in failure points, packs which compress vertebrae, crush nerve groups and displace discs.

We had the mild hope that some of the firms copying our designs might actually achieve a half decent result. But they have copied the look, not the quality and function.

So instead of retiring we pushed the button on tooling for a very big step up in military packs.

The DG16 embodies everything we have learnt in three decades. Materials science, ergonomics, systems integration, all with beaucoup soldier feedback. This pack has been engineered from first principles. There is nothing else like it, anywhere.

DG16 Polymer Frame
The trick is to source aerospace level resin and invest in vastly expensive high pressure injection moulds. Then use finite element analysis to tune the frame to flex at the same rate as the human back. Too little flex, like metal frames, forces the hips and shoulders to fight with every stride. Fatiguing. Overflexing forces the shoulders to fight angular momentum as the load swings wide with each step. Waste of energy.

The DG16 flexes just right, hips and shoulders move freely, stride is longer and less exhausting. Active ventilation keeps things cool, reminds you of ALICE? The window shape snugs over a body armour plate. The harness system can be quickly set at different levels to accommodate different torso lengths.

DG16 Shoulder Harness
We don’t slap some fabric over a piece of foam and call it a shoulder strap. We would call that rope.
The harness arms are laminated from multiple layers of speciality, expensive materials.
Plastic plate reinforcements distribute heavy loads, memory foams to customise to the user.
Shoulder straps are shaped and tapered to work over CBA and smoothly transfer load away from the brachial plexus nerve group. The whole shoulder harness yoke assembly can be quickly extended up or retracted down with three height settings built into the webbing attachments.

Shoulder Release
It is our belief that any pack which uses a 25mm plastic side release buckle as a load element is not fit for service. Such a culpable object should be recalled and destroyed before it injures the user. Such buckles were never intended for heavy, load-bearing use. They can release or break inadvertently, slewing the fully loaded pack and wrenching the spine. The DG16 shoulder harness uses reliable, strong yet easy-to-release-under-load military-proven buckles. Because we really do care.

Hip Belt System
Choose the set up according to personal preference and type of rig. There are three plug-in adjustment levels for the padded components so they can be tuned to back length, set high to clear a belt rig, or set low to hip load.
Or remove hip fins and use lumbar loading

DG16 Pack Bag
User designed, just brilliant.

Walk through the gallery photos or read on down the comprehensive list of design features follows, and be amazed just how diligent we are in providing the features required in the infantries home away from home.

There it is .
Crossfire should register as a charity .
There is no money in this project, we make these outstanding packs because we can. And no one else does.
Our troops deserve to train and go to war with gear which enhances their combat capacity.

You are welcome.

Ian Maley and Peter Marshall

Crossfire ( Aus ) P/L Combat Boot briefing

Here is a letter recently sent to an OS military who requested a Combat Boot Briefing . I think it gives you an insight into the depth of experience behind our boot designs .

Crossfire ( Aus ) P/L PeaceKeeper Combat Boots .

The PK +(PeaceKeeper +)  is a bit unique in that it was designed from the very beginning to be worn by the only occupational group we know of which actually runs , on any terrain , carrying half again their body weight .
The biomechanics of that task go far beyond the shock and stress ablation abilities of most footwear construction methods and materials .
Which is why we went back to first principals to build the family of Goodyear Welted boots .

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Slow Death by Rubber Duck

cover_largeIt is a silly title but a serious book on the  health issues of new chemicals in the environment . Endocrine disrupters which mimic the bodies natural hormones , chemicals at low background levels which accumulate up the food chain , things which cause cancer etc .

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Why do we take Combat boot design so seriously?

In 1974 I was just out of high school and needed work. Someone said ‘Go up the hill, they will take anyone who fronts up’.
So I knocked on the door of the stone-hearted Head Nurse of the Psychiatric Hospital.
” You got a police record? You orright in a blue ?” No and yes. I thought he wanted me to wear a blue tie.

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LA Fasteners

The pack fancier will note lots of little webbing “barbs”  or  “arrowheads” sticking through metal rings here and there on our packs.

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