Yearly Archives: 2013

Slow Death by Rubber Duck

cover_largeIt is a silly title but a serious book on the  health issues of new chemicals in the environment . Endocrine disrupters which mimic the bodies natural hormones , chemicals at low background levels which accumulate up the food chain , things which cause cancer etc .

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Why do we take Combat boot design so seriously?

In 1974 I was just out of high school and needed work. Someone said ‘Go up the hill, they will take anyone who fronts up’.
So I knocked on the door of the stone-hearted Head Nurse of the Psychiatric Hospital.
” You got a police record? You orright in a blue ?” No and yes. I thought he wanted me to wear a blue tie.

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LA Fasteners

The pack fancier will note lots of little webbing “barbs”  or  “arrowheads” sticking through metal rings here and there on our packs.

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